Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Glitter Wall Paint Can Design

One of My Favorite Graphic Designers Traci Has been awesome to work with. Great Customer Service and Very Cute Creative Style. She will also design future Tshirts & other fun packaging material for Girly Me. Check out her site & portfolio Its Super Sweet.

Glitter Wall Paint Instructions

Girly Me TM Glitter Top Coat Household Protective Finish Paint TM
Easy application, no VOC* and no odor when dry. Excellent scrub-ability and fast drying. This
product is ideal for use on high traffic interior walls. This top coat will not wash off for several years.
*Contains No VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
**This is a household paint material and is environmentally friendly. This product is NOT PERMITTED
to be sold as an art supply, nor is it intended to be used for art projects, craft projects or murals at this time.
INGREDIENTS: Acrylic, Water and High Grade Paint Glitter
Please see MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) on
COVERAGE: 200 to 300 sq. ft. per quart
YOU WILL NEED: ¼-inch Nap roller or low absorbent sponge roller; small craft sponge with handle; painter’s tape; and flat paint tray with no grooves.
APPLICATION: (For video instructions please visit
Surfaces to be painted must be free of dirt, dust and grease. Wash walls with a detergent and water before painting. Rinse walls well.
1. Wash the wall with detergent and warm water to remove greasy, oily fingerprints and other incompatible substances.
Fill in nail holes and cracks with patching plaster or wood putty.
2. Prepare the area with painter’s tape. Tape off where paint is unwanted, usually around the desired area to be
3. For 30 seconds, stir paint with a stir stick, wooden spoon or plastic spoon.
4. Using a 1 to 3-inch craft sponge with handle, dip into the paint and spread around the perimeter, corners and edges of the wall and fixtures first.
5. Using a ¼-inch Nap roller or low absorbent sponge roller, dip the roller into the paint in the paint tray, rolling back and forth in the tray for an even coating all around the roller. Start from the top of the wall and work your way down, using vertical strokes and rolling the paint onto the walls using even pressure and spreading the paint across while it is still wet.
DO NOT allow the paint to dry until the entire wall is covered or there may be lap marks. Keep a consistent and even amount of paint on the roller. DO NOT let paint get too thin, as the glitter is in the thickness of the paint. The glitter will
appear when the paint has dried. Make sure you DO NOT overlap or have drip marks. To minimize the appearance of overlap or drip marks, while you roll one vertical stripe at a time, use a sponge to blot out lines or drip marks in order to make the appearance consistent and uniform. DO NOT allow the roller to dry out. If you have to stop painting for a while, soak the
roller in water to keep it from drying out. Squeeze out the excess water before continuing to paint. Alternatively, you can wrap the roller in plastic and put it in the refrigerator to keep the roller wet.
DO NOT apply a 2nd coat until completely dry, about 20 to 25 minutes. If a 2nd coat is not desired, use only a sponge to make uniform and to fill in the spaces, being sure not to overlap the other wet or dry coat. ***If a more dramatic look is preferred, you may roll a 2nd coat on with a ¼-inch Nap roller or low absorbent sponge roller, AFTER the paint has FULLY
DRIED in about 20 to 25 minutes. This 2nd coat will add more density and drama to your walls. NEVER apply a 2nd coat until the paint has completely dried. As the paint coating dries, the glittery, shimmery effects will become apparent and the paint will show its brilliance.
6. The paint will be milky white when wet, but will dry clear when all the water in the coating evaporates. This is beneficial, as the milky white color is visible to allow you to paint on the wall in an identical pattern resulting in a harmonized product.
7. DO NOT recoat the wall until the paint has completely dried.
8. If you spill anything onto the floor, clean it up IMMEDIATELY before it dries or you will have to use strong solvents such as a lacquer thinner to remove any spills.
9. Maximum strength, such as scratch resistance, stain resistance and picture hanging strength will come overnight.
10. When you are finished, you may simply wash out rollers and sponges in the sink with lukewarm water. The paint is not harmful to pipes or sewage systems.
NOTE: This product will not wash off, but is easily removed by simply painting over it with our NORWOOD 1 COAT PAINT.
DISPOSAL: When finished with the coating, any leftover paint can be taken to a household waste recycling center. Any paint that has dried on the roller, cardboard for testing or in the paint tray is NOT considered hazardous waste and can be discarded into the municipal trash provided there is no federal, state or local ordinance against it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Girly Me Jingle By Patricia Doss

Come along and see
The latest Trend by "Girly Me."

You ask yourself, "Now who's it for?
Come along and lets take a tour.

For the baby girl fast asleep
As the glitter whispers "ooh so sweet"

Change a plain room into an oasis
that will bring out your pretty princess.

Be the first girl on the block
With Girly Me walls that show you rock

The Glitter Effects takes on a different form
change a teenage room into a College Dorm

Try an accent wall for lots of reasons
That shows your flair for each season.

Add to a room where the family meet
where kids relax near a shimmering sea.

Mommies at the end of the day
Give yourself a special get away.

Have no concern for your precious waif
Rest assure this paint is environmentally safe.

Made in America and its all brand new
Designed to "Celebrate the Girly in You!"

If it doesn't say Girly Me its not an Original!

Girly Me Celebrate the Girly in You!