Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tips on Sprucing Up Your Small Space And Adding a fun Color

Sprucing up a small space and adding color to your wall can go a long way to lift your mood and make your little space look bigger. But to get the most conducive interior décor and arrangements, you need some expert tips and advice to help you create the most conducive and comfortable arrangements in your home. Outlined below are some tips you can use to get your home interiors looking as inspiring and neat as they can ever be.

·         If you have a small space and wish to spruce up in your home, using small pieces that match the scale of your home or apartment will not only lift your moods, but will make your space seem bigger as well.
·         Make sure your space is always as clean as it can ever be.
·         Rid your small space of all those clutters. Take out time and create a space for everything, and put back everything in its place. 
·         **When you have a small space, there never seems to be room enough to contain your books, electronic media, clothing, etc. instead of the usual freestanding dressers, desks, cabinets, etc. go for modular and built-in furniture systems that can be designed to fit into your small space floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall and serve all your storage needs despite the compactness.
·         **Look for equipment that can serve dual or multiple purposes in whatever you are buying. Don’t go for a cozy ottoman when you can get an ottoman with a hidden storage facility.
·        ** Furniture that come with legs are known to feel lighter than those that are placed directly on the floor.
·         Use the space up to the ceiling if need be-this means going vertical. Tall storage and shelves with small footprints can really help in a small space.
·         Get glass-front bookcases because things seem to look less cluttered when they are placed behind glass cases.
·         **Don’t fear colors-white is known to make rooms appear bigger, and dark brown glossy paints when paired with the right color furnishings do the same too.
·       **  Put more money where you spend the most of your time. If you take all your meals in your living room, then a separate dining area may not be necessary. Just a comfortable coffee or side table may be all you need.
·       **  Don’t go shopping for furniture till you know what your small space can really contain, if you do, you will end up with several items without a space to call their own in your home.
·         **Always view your furniture as multipurpose and mobile. Go for pieces you can easily pick up and move around to suit different needs.
·        ** Edit-view everything critically. If you find anything you feel you don’t really need, get rid of it to create more space.
·         **Go for furniture that has some visual agreement with your walls or floors, whether similar in color or transparent. Colors like blue recede and give your space a larger appearance, so get wall murals painted in such receding colors.
·       **  Unless you are starting with a blank slate, remove an old item for every new one you bring in. Don’t hold on to old belongings because you feel they might come in handy someday.
·         **Having a dark floor against walls and furniture painted with bright or light colors can give your small space a more spacious appearance and feel.
·        ** Colorful Pillows always liven up a small space throw a few on a sofa or bed don’t worry about matching buy  pillows that makes you happy and smile.

We hope some of these tip will help with your room décor adventure. 


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